SPAN 2100 Conversation and Composition (4 Credits) 

Intensive practice in written and oral skills, grammar review, and introduction to Spanish thought and cultural patterns. Prerequisite: SPAN 2003 or equivalent. 

SPAN 2200 Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Speakers I (4 Credits) 

Development of the linguistic, literacy and academic language skills of bilingual/heritage speakers of Spanish for preparation to advanced courses and professional settings. Overview of topics relevant to Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. This section is for bilingual/heritage speakers of Spanish only. 

SPAN 2300 Iberian Culture & Civilization (4 Credits) 

Intensive study of culture of Spain; manifestations of culture found in history, art, architecture, music, literature, and politics of early and modern Spain. This course counts toward the Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture requirement. Prerequisite: SPAN 2100 or equivalent. 

SPAN 2350 Latin American Culture and Societies (4 Credits) 

An introductory and interdisciplinary course on the political, historical, and cultural dynamics that have shaped Latin America, the Caribbean and U.S. Latinos. An examination of the political and intellectual movements and economic forces embedded in relations of power from pre-Colombian civilizations, colonialism, independence, nation building, and imperialism to the struggle for democracy. Analysis of diverse cultural practices such as literature, music, film, and visual art within a national and transnational context. This course counts toward the Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture requirement. Prerequisite: SPAN 2100 or equivalent.

SPAN 2400 Latino Cultures in the United States (4 Credits) 

Interdisciplinary study of Latino contemporary issues in the United States incorporating aspects of the distinct socio-historical, political, economic, and cultural dynamics that have contributed to the shaping, development and increasing prominence of Latino communities. Includes an examination of how Latino cultural forms and practices intersect with socio-historical, economic, and political forces as a framework for understanding the Mexicano/Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican and other Latino communities embedded in the very fabric of what constitutes the United States. This course counts toward the Analytical Inquiry: Society and Culture requirement. Prerequisite: SPAN 2350 or equivalent.

SPAN 2900: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies 

Intended as a transition between 2000-level advanced language and cultural courses and 3000-level cultural and literature analysis courses, SPAN 2600 presents students with the opportunity to refine their analytical and interpretive skills, by examining a wide variety of Spanish language texts drawn from the literary cultural milieux of Latin America, Spain, and the United States. Throughout this course, students will acquire and utilize fundamental tools and strategies for contemporary literary and cultural studies in Spanish, including: gender and sexuality studies; race and ethnicity; decolonial thinking; pop culture; nationalism; ideology; and formal elements of interpreting texts. At the end of this course, students should be able to demonstrate relationships between distinct texts of varied media and genre (journalism, essay, short story, autobiography/memoir, historiography, oral tradition, film, photography, the plastic arts, etc.) in the interdisciplinary perspective that characterizes literary and cultural studies in the 21st century. Prerequisites: SPAN 2100 and SPAN 2300 or SPAN 2350.