To determine how your AP/IB credit may be converted to Spanish credit, visit or email the Office of the Registrar at Your credit trasfer is determined by both your exam score and your placement test score. For example, a 4 on an AP exam earns 8 DU credits below the level of your placement. If you place into SPAN 2001, then, your AP credits will be assigned as equivalent to SPAN 1002 and SPAN 1003. If you place into SPAN 2003, your credits would be assigned as SPAN 2001 and SPAN 2002. AP/IB credits can be applied to a major or minor in Spanish as if you had taken the equivalent course at DU. AP/IB credits may NOT be used to satisfy the foreign language requirement (FOLA).

REMEMBER - AP/IB credits are not a replacement for your placement test. You still must take a placement test in Spanish to determine the level of course you should begin with at DU.