Without specific approval, credits earned at other institutions will transfer to DU as general elective credits. These will NOT apply to a major or minor in Spanish. If you would like your credits to count towards a major or minor in Spanish, you must work with the Office of the Registrar to have your credits approved as equivalent to a given course in the major/minor track. As a first step, consult the list of pre-approved courses available on the DU registrar’s office webpage. Please search by state/country and then by institution: http://myweb.du.edu/mdb/du_bwcktart.P_DU_Choose_Geog_Area. If a course is listed as approved, the courses will be transferred back to DU at the same level as indicated on this listing and can apply to a minor or major. 

If you would like to apply a course that is not listed in the pre-approved system, you must request course approval. Contact the Registrar at registrar@du.edu, or reference https://www.du.edu/registrar/transfer-studyabroad/undertransferpolicy.html for more information. 

For detailed notes on how course equivalency is determined for major and minor credit, please see the article “Requirements for study abroad/transfer courses applied to Spanish majors and minors”. 


  • No more than 22 credits from outside DU may be applied to a Spanish major. 
  • No more than 12 credits from outside DU may be applied to a Spanish minor. 
  • Classes taught in English can NOT apply to a major or minor