If you have no prior experience with Spanish, begin with the first-year Spanish sequence (SPAN 1001-1002-1003), starting with 1001. 

If you have taken Spanish previously, please take a placement exam through the Center for World Languages and Cultures. You can find more information about this exam and how to complete it on CWLC’s webpage https://liberalarts.du.edu/cwlc/language-testing. This test will assign you to the most appropriate level of Spanish in DU’s program.

You may also find the placement/language requirement flowchart here to be a useful reference.

If you speak Spanish at home or have lived in a Spanish-speaking environment, consider enrolling in Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SPAN 2200). Contact Professor Lina Reznicek-Parrado (lina.reznicek-parrado@du.edu) for more information on this program, or take the placement exam at https://canvas.du.edu/enroll/MGJTJ6