There are very few undergraduate students that are exempt from the language requirement. However, those that are exempt generally fall into one of these categories:  

Students pursuing certain specific degrees. A current list can be found under the language section at 

Students with a documented disability through the Disability Services Program (DSP). DSP must specifically approve a FOLA substitution, in which case a list of alternative courses taught in English to satisfy the requirement will be provided.  

Students who have completed their entire secondary education (high school or the equivalent) in a language other than English. These students often must instead take certain English courses.  

Speaking a second language at home, having extensive experience in a second language, having AP/IB credits in a language, or having taken many years of high school language courses are NOT grounds for a FOLA exemption.  

All exemptions must be approved by the Office of the Registrar. They can be contacted at  

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