Without pre-approval, credits earned abroad from DU-affiliated programs will transfer to DU as general elective credits. These will NOT apply to a major or minor in your language. If you would like your credits abroad to count towards a major or minor in your language, all courses should be pre-approved prior to departure. As a first step, students should consult the list of pre-approved courses available on the DU registrar’s office webpage. Please search by country and program: http://myweb.du.edu/mdb/du_bwcktart.P_DU_Choose_Geog_Area. If a course is listed as approved, the courses will be transferred back to DU at the same level as indicated on this listing.   

If you would like to apply a course that is not listed in the pre-approved system, you must request course approval through the study abroad course approval system. Information on how to request approval can be found here, and through the Office of the Registrar here. It is strongly advised to have all courses approved prior to departure. In the event that requests for course approval are not submitted prior to departure, students can request course approval later on by following the same process, but there is no guarantee that courses will be approved. 

It is HIGHLY recommended to discuss your course plan with your major or minor advisor when making your plans to study abroad. We also recommend discussing your plan with the LL&C advisor for the location in which you wish to study. Click the links below for information on advising by language: