Beginning Fall 2022, students wishing to pursue French & Francophone Studies as a major declare a major in Languages, Literatures & Cultures with a concentration in French.

The curriculum consists of 44 credit hours at the 2001 level or higher. Students are required to take 8 of those credit hours from CLTR 2100 and CLTR 2200. Find descriptions of these Languages, Literatures and Cultures core courses here.

36 credits are required from approved courses beyond FREN 1003. Four of these 36 credits must be from FREN 2400. No fewer than 8 credits from FREN 25XX and 2701. Four credits must be from FREN 3110 or FREN 3150. No fewer than 8 credits from FREN 35XX-3991.

FREN 2400 should be taken as the next course in sequence after completing FREN 2003, as FREN 2400 is a prerequisite for for advanced courses.

NOTE: For students who declared a major in French and Francophone Studies prior to Fall 2022, your requirements are determined by the bulletin year in which you entered the program. An archive of DU undergraduate bulletin publications can be found here.