ITAL 1001-2002 

This sequence is designed to give you a firm foundation in Italian language and culture. Courses will develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and investigate the literature and culture of Italy. 

ITAL 2005 Reading and Conversation (4 Credits)

In Reading and Conversation, students learn the ease of expression in Italian through the intermediate-level reading of cultural and literary materials and through the study of vocabulary. Readings and contemporary issues are discussed in class. Prerequisite: ITAL 2002 or equivalent. 

ITAL 3010 Advanced Conversation and Composition (4 Credits)

This course continues to refine students’ oral and written skills while enhancing their cultural awareness. Concepts, such as contemporary Italian politics, economy, and gastronomy, are introduced through authentic texts. Specific emphasis is placed on written skills--providing students with the necessary writing skills for continued study in Italian. Prerequisite: ITAL 2005, equivalent, or instructor’s permission. 

ITAL 3701 Topics in Italian Studies (4 Credits)

Selected authors, literary movements, genres, and historical and contemporary cultural phenomena in Italy. Recent topics have included Nord-Sud: Viaggi in Italia, Italian City in Literature and Film, Italian Contemporary Novel, Identità a tavola, Teatro del ‘700, Il fantastico, Love and War in the Renaissance, Performance of Italian Theatre, Boccaccio e la novella, Poeti del romanticismo, Dante. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: ITAL 2005, equivalent, or instructor’s permission.