JAPN 1001-2003 Elementary Japanese (4 Credits) 

This sequence is meant to give you the foundations of Japanese language and culture. Courses teach grammar, syntax and vocabulary; oral skills, and Japanese culture.  

JAPN 1416 Postwar Japan: Changing Perspectives in Literature and Culture (4 Credits) 

This course explores a range of Japanese cultural perspectives from the end of the Second World War to the present. The main focus is on the analysis and interpretation of Japanese literary texts, but during the course students also examine film, visual art, and other cultural products within a historical framework, to lead to a deeper understanding of the influences and events that have shaped both contemporary Japan and the wider world.

JAPN 2101 Conversation and Composition I (4 Credits) 

Intensive practice in oral skills, grammar review, reading and writing. Prerequisite: JAPN 2003 and JAPN 1416. 

JAPN 2102 Conversation & Composition II (4 Credits) 

Intermediate training in speaking, reading and writing. Prerequisite: JAPN 2101 or equivalent. 

JAPN 2103 Conversation & Composition III (4 Credits) 

Advanced-intermediate training in speaking, reading and writing. Prerequisite: JAPN 2102 or equivalent. 

JAPN 3701 Topics in Japanese Culture (4 Credits) 

Selected topics in Japanese culture. Texts and films in both Japanese and English, with a focus on modern and contemporary Japanese culture. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: JAPN 3100 or equivalent.