Requirements for the minor in Japanese include: 

  • A minimum of 24 quarter hours of approved courses
  • Twenty of the 24 quarter hours must be from courses beyond JAPN 2001
  • Required courses include JAPN 1416 and JAPN 2103. 


The following course sequence is recommended for the fulfillment of the requirements: 

Second Year 

  1. JAPN 2001: Intermediate Japanese I (4 qtr. hrs.) 
  2. JAPN 2002: Intermediate Japanese II (4 qtr. hrs.) AND JAPN 1416: Postwar Japan: Changing Perspectives in Literature and Culture (4 qtr. hrs.)
  3. JAPN 2003: Intermediate Japanese III (4 qtr. hrs.) 

Third Year 

  1. JAPN 2101: Conversation and Composition I (4 qtr. hrs.) 
  2. JAPN 2102: Conversation and Composition II (4 qtr. hrs.) 
  3. JAPN 2103: Advanced Conversation and Composition (4 qtr. hrs.) 

Fourth Year 

  • JAPN 3701: Topics in Japanese Culture (4 qtr. hrs.)  


Before completing the minor, students are advised to take at least one course in an area of Japanese studies. Such courses include: 

  • JAPN 1216 Popular Culture of Japan (4 qtr. hrs.)
  • JAPN 1616 Samurai and Merchants: Cultures of Tokugawa Japan (4 qtr. hrs.)
  • JAPN 1816 Classical Japanese Literature (4 qtr. hrs.)

For in depth information on the requirements for Japanese minors, visit the DU undergraduate bulletin.