Requirements for the minor in Latin include: 

  • A minimum of 20 quarter hours of approved courses beyond the elementary level (LATN 1003) 


Unless a student has transfer credit or study abroad credit, the usual way to accumulate the 20 quarter hours is as follows: 

  1. LATN 2001 (4 qtr. hrs.) 
  2. LATN 2002 (4 qtr. hrs.) 
  3. LATN 2003 (4 qtr. hrs.) 
  4. LATN 3991: Independent Study (8 qtr. hrs. total) 

Students can choose how many quarter hours of LATN 3991 to take at a time, by signing up for anywhere from 1 to 4 quarter hours. Independent study will draw upon selected authors or works of classical or post-classical literature. 

For in depth information on the requirements for Latin minors, visit the DU undergraduate bulletin.