Requirements for the minor in Russian include: 

  • A minimum of 24 quarter hours of approved courses beyond the elementary level (RUSS 1003) 
  • Eight of the 24 quarter hours must be from two 3000-level courses 

Students are encouraged to take one literature and culture course in English translation, choosing from RUSS 1416, RUSS 1613, RUSS 1922, RUSS 1860, RUSS 2917, RUSS 2461, or RUSS 2116. This course can be used both for the Russian minor and to satisfy the Common Curriculum's Analytical Inquiry: Society requirement. 

Study abroad in Russia through the Cherrington Global Scholars Program and a service-learning/internship in Denver’s Russian-speaking community, though not required, are strongly encouraged. The number of credits earned through these experiences is established by agreement with the Russian faculty and is subject to institutional requirements.