Beginning Fall 2022, students wishing to pursue a major In Chinese, French and Francophone Studies, German, Italian, Japanese, or Russian must declare a major in "Languages, Literatures and Cultures" with a concentration in the language of their choice. Students who have previously declared a major in any of the above listed languages will be unaffected by this change and will continue to pursue the major program that they enrolled in.

A BA in Languages, Literatures & Cultures prepares and engages students to become informed international citizens, who develop effective multi-lingual and cultural communication expertise and problem-solving skills. Our students apply their linguistic and cultural competencies to a wide variety of majors, careers, and future global challenges, while deepening their empathy for and curiosity about the diversity of human experiences.

The curriculum consists of 44 credit hours at the 2001 level or higher in one of the following language concentrations: Chinese, French & Francophone Studies, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian. Students are required to take 8 of those credit hours from CLTR 2100 and CLTR 2200.

Information on the specific concentrations available can be found here: